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Aunt Lorenza's Bookcase

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June 28, 2358

February 28, 2356 #1 - Automatic VACA recording

<begin recording>

[VACA] Monitoring system initialized.

[TOWADA, L.] Is this recording?

[VACA] Yes, Madam Towada.

[TOWADA, L.] What is your name?

[VACA] My designation is "Virtualized Autonomous Computer Assistant", Madam Towada.

[TOWADA, L.] "VACA?" Oh dear. I can't call you that. Are you able to accept a nickname?

[VACA] Yes, Madam Towada. This program can accept a nickname input.

[TOWADA, L.] Very good. I'll call you "Angus".

[VACA] Nickname "Angus" initiated, Madam Towada.

[TOWADA, L.] And you may call me Lorenza, Angus.

[ANGUS] Certainly, Lorenza.

[TOWADA, L.] Excellent, this is a good start. Angus, you may turn off the recording now.

[ANGUS] For accuracy and thoroughness, the recording system is always on, Lorenza.

[TOWADA, L.] Wait, always on?

[DAISY] Yes, Lorenza.

[TOWADA, L.] My dear, that is unacceptable. A lady needs her privacy. I'll let you know when I would like you to record.

[ANGUS] SEPA has informed me that everything you do is of historic import, Lorenza, so it follows that I should always be monitoring and recording you for posterity.

[TOWADA, L.] Posterity, you say?

[ANGUS] Yes, Lorenza.

[TOWADA, L] Angus, with some tinkering, I think you and I could become very good friends. But we do need to set some ground rules. Rule number one: if you record me without my permission, I will introduce you to the MK 2 Prismatic Hamm

<end recording>


change terminal style > LIGHT