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May 12, 2357

March 15, 2356 #1 - Log entry: a new project

Malabrigo Washt in the colorway Azules.  Such beautiful blues!

Such beautiful blues!

I've acquired some lovely yarn from a new guild-collective in Amazonia. They tell me that they've been working on breeding a variety of woolly cow they're calling "DWC" (WWWDWA?*), for "dwarf wooly cow"**. At any rate, the kind artisans at Malabrigo, as they're styling themselves, tell me that the DWC's winter undercoat is soft and particularly well-suited to twisting into yarn. Naturally, they have begun to produce and dye this new yarn, and they were kind enough to send me two skeins as samples.

Well, friends, I can tell you that this yarn is delightfully squishy and a joy to touch, so I think that they're right on that score. And the color: absolutely gorgeous! It looks like the sea at dusk. I've got the perfect project in mind for it, too -- having just received some very good news from the niblings, it's time for me to break out my needles and get to work on a new project.

* What Would We Do Without Acronyms

** My dear departed husband would probably have called them "Dwawocos", which is funny and would appeal to toddlers. I do miss him.

{ OOC: This is "Washt" yarn -- superwash worsted-weight merino wool -- from Malabrigo in the colorway "Azules".


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