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June 28, 2358

[Personnel Display]

Picture of Jules von Martel

Director Jules with Princess and Nibbles.

Jules von Martel

Employer: Hammersmith

Status: Active

Home of Record: Bubastis City, Hephaestus

Promoted to Executive Director of Development in 2347, Jules von Martel resides at the company headquarters in Bubastis City on Hephaestus. As is Hammersmith coroporate policy, he assumed the surname "von Martel" upon his promotion, as do all Hammersmith senior executives, and so should be addressed as "Director Jules."

His hobbies include painting and antique technology, and he is one of the few persons in the Haylcon colony who has succeeded in training Hephaestean thundercats without suffering electrocution or exsanguination in the attempt.

Pictured with Director Jules are two of his prize thundercats: to his right is Princess Tiye ("Princess"), and to his left is Nieblung Aristotle von Binginham the Fourth ("Nibbles"). Because Hephaestean buildings are heavily air-conditioned for their human occupants' survival comfort, the cats are kitted out in stylish and supremely hygge sweaters.

The Director's swagger stick doubles as a laser indicator, which he uses to point out tiresome persons to the cats. Director Jules would very much appreciate it if visitors would refrain from being tiresome. He obtained their sweaters bespoke from Celeste Jolicoeur, and due to the unfortunate incident in Byzantium, he is concerned that he might have difficulties replacing them if they are damaged.

Your cooperation is appreciated.


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