I’m not dead yet!

Just a quick note: I’ve been quiet as I’ve been distracted of late, and haven’t done any heraldry work in quite some time. But I haven’t given up at all; my attention is just focused elsewhere for the moment. Can’t say as when I’ll get back into it, but I am sure I will. Thanks, […]

Are you Hungary?

One of the very many projects I’ve got going on right now is to help bulk out the “mantling” section of the Book of Traceable Heraldic Art with some adaptations from period armorials. I got started with the 15th Century “Armorial” (Manchester Latin Manuscript 28) and did some tracings — shown above, in a variety […]


I found out about DrawShield through Tumblr, and initially was outraged: see, because I looked for, but did not find, a sources or acknowledgements page, I jumped to the conclusion that the art was simply stolen (from the Online Book of Traceable Heraldic Art, among other places). But then, after posting a very angry screed, […]

When the moon hits your eye…

I digitized Gian Antonio da Tradate’s illustration, in the arms of “da Naua” in the Stemmario Trivulziano (a mid-15th Century armorial, painted in or near Milan), of a gondola, and it’s now available on the online Book of Traceable Heraldic Art for all your SCA device needs. I don’t think that the “Ships & Fishing” […]

Playing with String

I’m not quite sure who Sæwynn, as a persona, is going to be, but I’m thinking that most run-of-the-mill late 9th Century residents of what will one day be England will probably think of her as something like a witch. So, in the tradition of Sir Terry Pratchett’s witches of the Discworld, I’ll need to […]

This Thing is My Jambe

In the “Baby Heralds of the SCA” group over on Facebook, a member posted a question about the Bird’s Jambe Conjoined to a Wing Involved, about which I’ve posted before, but provided a new image — from “Insignia Venetorum I“, an Italian armorial dating from around 1550-1555 — it is in Munich, and is BSB […]

Plunge, or churning staff

There are a couple of folks in the “Unofficial Heraldry Chat” group for the SCA who regularly post “not yet registered” things they’ve found in period armory. Recently, they posted the actual working part of a butter churn — not the tub, with which I think most people are familiar, but the thing inside that […]

Chatelaine – with cords (the kit, cont.)

Well, I finished up the cords for my chatelaine kit, which Otoshi over at High Plains Ironworks made for me. I used a lucet to make these cords out of doubled cotton thread, and they’re attached to the master ring with halyard shackle knots. I haven’t found an appropriate piece of grain/seed head/whatnot to put […]

More Kit Progress – Chatelaine, cont.

Otoshi over at High Plains Ironworks finished my chatelaine pieces and I just got them in the mail — huzzah! So, in my earlier post, I’d mentioned in a footnote that I wanted to look through collections of Anglo-Saxon wills and see if anyone left anything that seemed like it could be a chatelaine to […]

Today’s Kit Progress – Chatelaine

Otoshi (of High Plains Ironworks) sent me some photos of the my chatelaine pieces in progress. Like all artists, he’s heavily critiquing his own work, but I actually love it. It is obviously handmade and quirky and I think when the whole thing is assembled, it will absolutely fit my persona, who’s an odd duck […]