An image of two heraldic fieldless badges: on the left, an argent estoile of seven points charged with a vert rondel; on the right, a compass rose colored argent on the left and azule on the right.

Virtual Herald’s Point – February 2021

A green banner featuring a number of heraldic devices and badges.

Being very new to the SCA, and of course having joined during the middle of the plague, I haven’t been able to attend any events in person. I certainly haven’t been able to attend any wars.

One of the things I really wanted to do, however, was register a name, a device, and a badge for my late 900s Anglo-Saxon persona, and the SCA had just the thing: a Virtual Herald’s Point, allowing me to handle everything online (including payment, which is incredibly convenient). Other people found it convenient, too — at least I saw, there were 359 submitters (including me) with 615 items (including names, devices, and badges) on the list. That’s a lot of stuff!

I volunteered as an artist. I’ve been doing battle with applications like Adobe Illustrator for <cough> a very long time now, so I figured I could be of some use. I’m super rusty, but it has been very enjoyable to work on projects both in raster format (using Procreate and Sketchbook Pro on my iPad) and in vector format (using CS4, an absolutely ancient version of the software, on my equally ancient desktop computer).

The other heralds started to put together a collage of the work they’d done for the Point, and I thought I would to. Some of these items use art that I pulled from the online Book of Traceable Heraldic Art; however, I did get the chance to either draw or adapt art, such as the couchant tiger, the rampant otter, and the rampant rabbit (all of which are now available within the pages of the Book).

Most of the work I did involved tracing, as submitters already have pretty specific ideas of what they wanted, and so I did my best to faithfully capture that for the final version. I did hand illustrate the blasted tree for my own device, as well as the gorgon’s head cabossed (which is also available at the Book of Traceable art, as a slightly different version).

I very much enjoyed my time at the Virtual Herald’s Point and am looking forward to more volunteering. Everyone involved in the Point was pretty darn amazing, very educational, and exceptionally inspiring. I was honored to be able to lend a hand and am so grateful to have been able to be a part of this!