Today’s Kit Progress – Chatelaine

Otoshi (of High Plains Ironworks) sent me some photos of the my chatelaine pieces in progress. Like all artists, he’s heavily critiquing his own work, but I actually love it. It is obviously handmade and quirky and I think when the whole thing is assembled, it will absolutely fit my persona, who’s an odd duck […]

Kit Assemblage

I’ve been very slowly working on putting together kit for my SCA persona, Sæwynn æt Cnolle, which takes on new importance now that Calontir will be holding the Lilies War in September. Yay, deadlines! Here is my list: Coif (done!) Wimple Veil Smoc Cloth (purchased!) Dress Cloth (purchased!) Tablet-woven band (in progress!) Belt D-ring and […]


This is a lovely Twitter post that makes the rounds on Tumblr now and then and I cackle every time I see it. If you’re in the SCA and would like an .svg copy of my adaptation of both the “horse from the front” and/or the dead knight, right/command-click on the images and “Save As…” […]


In the February 11, 2021 SCA External Letter (of registrations of names, devices, & badges) for the Kingdom of An Tir, there was a new badge entry (for one Vémundr Syvursson) that depicts a bank of clouds with lightning coming out of it. It’s intriguing, because the blazon is “a thundercloud argent”, whereas when people […]

Bird is the Word

I have a huge folder full of screenshots from online armorials – I think that if I stopped looking at armorials right at this second, it would take me probably a year or so to get everything traced that I want to, and that assumes that I won’t look at any armorials between now, which […]