Bird is the Word

I have a huge folder full of screenshots from online armorials – I think that if I stopped looking at armorials right at this second, it would take me probably a year or so to get everything traced that I want to, and that assumes that I won’t look at any armorials between now, which is not happening. There is so much fantastic stuff out there! So it’s time to get crackin’.

It was birb day recently, and I only completed two — but I don’t feel so bad, because one of them was very complicated (in fact, the most complicated one I’ve done).

First up is this glorious rooster, from the arms of the “De Caponis” family, as illustrated in the “Insignia urbium Italiae septentrionalis: Nobilium Mediolanensium”, dated 1550-1555, an Italian armorial (part of BSB Codex 270). You can find this image online at

Heraldic depiction of a black raven, done in a fairly rough style, its head raised and and mouth open to reveal a red tongue.

Next is a raven, which Graham Johnston included in his “Complete Guide to Heraldry” as figure 474 (on page 278). It’s originally from the Grünenberg “Book of Arms” of 1483, and Johnston included it to show just how different the depictions of ravens could be from armorial to armorial and across the ages.

Are you an SCA herald who’d like to use these images?

  • Cock – Cock (7) – Book of Traceable Heraldic Art. Note that because the Traceable Heraldic Art website is aimed not only at digital artists, but also analog artists, with images they can print out for tracing, the site’s master and administrator, Mathghamhain Ua Ruadháin, had to adapt my original file to make it work for that. If you are a digital artist in the SCA with access to vector graphic tools and want the fully-vectorized file, you can download it here: De Caponis Cock (right- or option-click and select “Download File As…”) – 175.4 Kb
  • Raven – Raven, One Leg Raised.

Note: these images are for SCA heralds, for the purpose of generating heraldic art for themselves and/or clients within the context of the SCA. Non-SCA persons are welcome to use the images as well, for personal, non-money-making use only, and provided that you cite me as the source. If you are interested in using either of these images for commercial or charitable purposes (i.e., if you are going to use them in a context in which you will be receiving money, regardless of how that money will be used), please reach out to me to discuss (I don’t bite, mostly) at saewynn – at – jackalgirl – dot – net.

As I continue to work on my list of things to trace, I’ll continue to post them here. I hope you enjoy!