Close up of the egg-shaped horse from the front, pondering its life choices


Screen capture of a post on Twitter from Dorsa Amir (@DorsaAmir).  The text reads: "Patron: So one of the horses will be drawn from the side and the other will be drawn from the front. Medieval artist: from the.. front? Patron: Right. You know how to draw horses from the front, right? Artist: Y-yeah, totally."  And then there is an image from an illuminated manuscript: a knight on horseback, seen in profile, holding a lance.  At their feet, a defeated knight who is probably dead, because the eyeholes of their helm consist of crosses.  Behind the dead knight, the knight's horse as seen from the front, which looks like a deeply regretful white egg.  The artist didn't appear to know what to do with its hind- or forelegs, so they are oddly raised, but the hooves are hidden behind the body of its knight.

This is a lovely Twitter post that makes the rounds on Tumblr now and then and I cackle every time I see it.

If you’re in the SCA and would like an .svg copy of my adaptation of both the “horse from the front” and/or the dead knight, right/command-click on the images and “Save As…” (if you’re not in the SCA, just check out the “Art & Image Use” link, above, and hit me up).

Trace of the illuminated "horse from the front".  Dear listener, it looks like an egg with spidery legs and has a very regretful expression on its face.
I am a link. Totally.
Grey and black image, in medieval illuminated style, of a dead knight lying on their side.  You can tell they're dead because the eyeholes of their helm are crosses.
Dead and elevated (thanks, WordPress). I am also a link.