Today’s Kit Progress – Chatelaine

An iron ring.  On top of the ring are three items: a corn ring (a length of iron wire with an eyelet crafted at the bottom), a food pricker (a length of iron sharpened at the bottom, like a big toothpick), and a spoon (a length of wire with the bottom flattened and rounded -- more like a scoop than a soup spoon).  Each one has a twisted section in the middle of its shaft, and has been flattened at the end so that rings can be passed through.  Eventually, cord will connect the pieces to the larger iron ring, and a cord or strap will connect the iron ring to my belt.
Eeeee! They’re lovely!

Otoshi (of High Plains Ironworks) sent me some photos of the my chatelaine pieces in progress. Like all artists, he’s heavily critiquing his own work, but I actually love it. It is obviously handmade and quirky and I think when the whole thing is assembled, it will absolutely fit my persona, who’s an odd duck (like me).

I told him a story that my mother, a master calligrapher and book artisan (you can find her here at Aimia Artworks) told me once: every mistake you make is actually a feature, and you should charge an extra $50 for each one. She does not do this, of course (like all artists, she drastically undersells herself), and if I were to do it, I’d be asking for Anish Kapoor-levels of ridiculous prices (see? I dog on myself too!).

ANYway, I’m super pleased with how this is going. In other news, though, I cannot find my lucets. So I am going to have to make another one (at which point, of course, I will promptly find my lucets, probably while I’m trying to find my knucklebone dice).

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