When the moon hits your eye…

I digitized Gian Antonio da Tradate’s illustration, in the arms of “da Naua” in the Stemmario Trivulziano (a mid-15th Century armorial, painted in or near Milan), of a gondola, and it’s now available on the online Book of Traceable Heraldic Art for all your SCA device needs. I don’t think that the “Ships & Fishing” […]

Playing with String

I’m not quite sure who Sæwynn, as a persona, is going to be, but I’m thinking that most run-of-the-mill late 9th Century residents of what will one day be England will probably think of her as something like a witch. So, in the tradition of Sir Terry Pratchett’s witches of the Discworld, I’ll need to […]

This Thing is My Jambe

In the “Baby Heralds of the SCA” group over on Facebook, a member posted a question about the Bird’s Jambe Conjoined to a Wing Involved, about which I’ve posted before, but provided a new image — from “Insignia Venetorum I“, an Italian armorial dating from around 1550-1555 — it is in Munich, and is BSB […]