Illustration from the 15th Century armorial, "Stemmario Trivulziao", arms of da Naua, showing a heraldic gondola

When the moon hits your eye…

painted copy of the arms of "da Naua", from the mid 15th Century Italian armorial "Stemmario Trivulziano", showing a gondola on waves.

I digitized Gian Antonio da Tradate’s illustration, in the arms of “da Naua” in the Stemmario Trivulziano (a mid-15th Century armorial, painted in or near Milan), of a gondola, and it’s now available on the online Book of Traceable Heraldic Art for all your SCA device needs.

I don’t think that the “Ships & Fishing” section of the Book can ever have too many sailing vessels. Then again, I might be a bit biased (I recently retired from the U.S. Navy).

I’ve got a new project for the Book — two, actually. One is to find and digitize period examples of mantling (I’m currently working on an early 15th Century English armorial, the Manchester Library Latin Manuscript 28) so that those people who are interested in putting together period-appearing versions of their devices can. But the other project is to come up with a way to convert the current version of the Online Book into a PHP/SQL-driven system. The idea is so that it functions the way it does not, but lets those who are interested in period- or location-specific heraldry filter out the results (using tags). And also make a system that is not as heavy on the backend as the current system (which is transparent to the user, but it is a fairly cumbersome system, according to Mathghamhain Ua Ruadháin, the site’s maintainer. I’m a fairly, ah, amateur coder, so this should be a huge learning experience for me. ; )