I found out about DrawShield through Tumblr, and initially was outraged: see, because I looked for, but did not find, a sources or acknowledgements page, I jumped to the conclusion that the art was simply stolen (from the Online Book of Traceable Heraldic Art, among other places). But then, after posting a very angry screed, I said to myself, “self, aren’t you always counseling people to be wary of jumping to conclusions, and actually ask someone’s intent before getting all furious about it?” “Yes, yes I am, and I should follow my own advice.” So I asked.

The maintainer of the site — which lets you generate heraldry (it actually applies tinctures) — is Karl Wilcox, and he’s awesome. He had, in fact, asked for permission to use the art that he’d sourced from the Book and other SCA sources; it wasn’t so obvious because originally, when the site was very small, he simply attached the sources of each piece of art to the art itself, and because the site was small, it was all self-evident. But now that it’s big and there’s a lot more functionality, those citations are harder to find (you have to drill down to individual pieces of art). So I asked him if he wouldn’t mind adding an acknowlegement/sources page (a separate page), and perhaps updating the database to attach people’s names to the art where possible. And he was very gracious and agreed to do it.

He’s got a GitHub list of issues, requests, etc. and some of it involves art. One of them was a request for this Siberian Cat, from the arms of Peter Koshkin, by I.V. Borisov in the “General coat of arms of noble families of the All-Russian Empire” (1904). This kitty is now available on DrawShield.

A Siberian Cat, rampant. It is white against a bright red ground, and looks like a domestic cat, but with a very fluffy belly and tail.

Then I also did a winged cat and it was clear that Peter Koshkin’s kitty was on my mind when I did it:

A color heraldic drawing, line and wash, of a white domestic cat with wings in the rampant posture and half-folded wings, against a blue brushed background.

This was for the Heralds’ Point event which is currently ongoing. Now that I look at it, I think the toes of the feet especially are a bit long, but ah well, I do love my little chonky boi.