This is a lovely Twitter post that makes the rounds on Tumblr now and then and I cackle every time I see it. If you’re in the SCA and would like an .svg copy of my adaptation of both the “horse from the front” and/or the dead knight, right/command-click on the images and “Save As…” […]


In the February 11, 2021 SCA External Letter (of registrations of names, devices, & badges) for the Kingdom of An Tir, there was a new badge entry (for one Vémundr Syvursson) that depicts a bank of clouds with lightning coming out of it. It’s intriguing, because the blazon is “a thundercloud argent”, whereas when people […]

Bird is the Word

I have a huge folder full of screenshots from online armorials – I think that if I stopped looking at armorials right at this second, it would take me probably a year or so to get everything traced that I want to, and that assumes that I won’t look at any armorials between now, which […]

The Seven Deeds of Honor and their Crowns

I’m back with yet another excerpt from the truly wonderful Harley Manuscript 6149, a compilation of heraldy-related items bound into a book by one Adam Loutfut in or around 1494 in Scotland. This time, I’d like to write about folii 124r-126r, “Þe vii deidis of honour and of þair vii crownnys and of quhat materis […]

St. Birgitta’s Coif

Following the instructions in the video by Morgan Donner, I made myself a St. Birgitta’s coif. I am extremely new to sewing, so this is the most complicated thing I’ve made (outside of pincushions), and as such, I dispensed with the elaborate needle lace/netting that Morgan did to secure the two halves of the coif […]

Stinkin’ Cute

I am a brand new, baby herald in the SCA and am just beginning to explore the corpus of historical heraldic art. While I was participating in the recent Virtual Herald’s Point as an artist, I came across the Harley Manuscript 6149 at the British Library. The Harley MS 6149 consists of a number of […]

Images & Text Wrap in WordPress

I had to fight through a recent issue with WordPress: when I was writing posts and set the images so that text would wrap around it, it would look absolutely fine in the WordPress editor, but when I looked at the post itself, the text would not wrap around my images — neither in Safari […]