Chatelaine – with cords (the kit, cont.)

Well, I finished up the cords for my chatelaine kit, which Otoshi over at High Plains Ironworks made for me. I used a lucet to make these cords out of doubled cotton thread, and they’re attached to the master ring with halyard shackle knots. I haven’t found an appropriate piece of grain/seed head/whatnot to put […]

More Kit Progress – Chatelaine, cont.

Otoshi over at High Plains Ironworks finished my chatelaine pieces and I just got them in the mail — huzzah! So, in my earlier post, I’d mentioned in a footnote that I wanted to look through collections of Anglo-Saxon wills and see if anyone left anything that seemed like it could be a chatelaine to […]

Today’s Kit Progress – Chatelaine

Otoshi (of High Plains Ironworks) sent me some photos of the my chatelaine pieces in progress. Like all artists, he’s heavily critiquing his own work, but I actually love it. It is obviously handmade and quirky and I think when the whole thing is assembled, it will absolutely fit my persona, who’s an odd duck […]

Kit Assemblage

I’ve been very slowly working on putting together kit for my SCA persona, Sæwynn æt Cnolle, which takes on new importance now that Calontir will be holding the Lilies War in September. Yay, deadlines! Here is my list: Coif (done!) Wimple Veil Smoc Cloth (purchased!) Dress Cloth (purchased!) Tablet-woven band (in progress!) Belt D-ring and […]

St. Birgitta’s Coif

Following the instructions in the video by Morgan Donner, I made myself a St. Birgitta’s coif. I am extremely new to sewing, so this is the most complicated thing I’ve made (outside of pincushions), and as such, I dispensed with the elaborate needle lace/netting that Morgan did to secure the two halves of the coif […]