The Outer Worlds

Welcome to my rambling thoughts, mostly about an excellent roleplaying video game, “The Outer Worlds“, which was crafted by Obsidian and published by Private Division. If you have not played it, please understand that this blog will abound with spoilers. And if you have not played it, I highly recommend that you do – it is absolutely wonderful for many reasons, some of which I might get around to trying to capture in thought here.

One of the things I’m working on — because I can’t get it out of my head — is a site called “Aunt Lorenza’s Bookcase“. Because I keep thinking about the game, and writing stories (mostly in my head) about the game and its world, characters, and lore, I needed a place to store it, and a bookcase seemed like a good idea.

The Outer Worlds is set in 2355 in an alternate timeline in which President McKinley was not assassinated in 1901, and Teddy Roosevelt never became president. Thus, he never busted up corporations and thus, the culture of Earth in 2355 is one of rampant corporations. One is born into a corporate — not necessarily biological — family, and corporations are the culture. Ten corporations have banded together to purchase a star system — Halcyon Colony — and thus the game: you are one of almost a million total colonists who’ve signed up, with guaranteed employment*

(*Employment not guaranteed)

The game is a mix of Fallout and Firefly, if you’re familiar with those stories: it’s strongly robber baron in quality and is just overall absolutely delightful. It’s caught me up in a way that I’ll try to capture here, because I’m always interested in the why of things.

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