Ingredients in The Outer Worlds

–> Now updated with info from Murder on Eridanos! <–

This article is meant to serve as a list of ingredients, actual or implied, that may be present in Halcyon Colony (or in goods that are imported, say, from relatively close systems). There’s a lot of play for whether some of these exist, or whether the corporations’ ingredients listings are lies.

These items are derived directly from the game so everything’s copyright by Obsidian and Private Division. Additional speculation is my own, though.

Content warning: blood mention, cannibalism mention. Also spoilers.


  • Saltuna
    • Fish Stix (Spacer’s Choice)
    • Gourmet Saltuna Fillets (Spacer’s Choice)
    • Canned Saltuna in Brine (Saltuna of the Deep)
    • Premium Yellow Saltuna (Monarch Stellar Industries) (Thanks to Purpleberrypunch for the tip!)
      • Terra One Dustback Casserole (quest item, “Don’t Bite the Sun”)
  • Chicken
    • Potential part of Frozen Dinner (Spacer’s Choice)
    • Chicken & Potatoes (C&P)
  • Eggs (implied by presence of chickens)
  • Raptidon meat – “Enthusastic local gourmands have compared the flavor to select cuts of woolly cow meat”
  • Wooly Cow meat
    • Wooly Fillet (C&P) – “fillet mignon cut of a wooly cow”, “The most tender part of a wooly cow…”
  • Wooly Cow Milk
    • Wooly Curds (Happy Dale Farms)
    • Cheese – also possibly implies some form of rennet (or the cheese is made via the introduction of an acid, as in paneer)
    • Woolgonzola – Ellie mentions it when speaking about her parents. Unsure what it actually is, but presume it’s some form of Gorgonzola — a blue cheese (thanks to Damejudyhench on Tumblr for the tip!)
      • Frozen Dinner (Spacer’s Choice)
    • Purpleberry Shake (Happy Dale Farms) – used with cream-milk
    • Mock Apple Shake (Happy Dale Farms)
  • Cacow – “We grafted the chocolatiest DNA strands from the CCN76 cacao hybrid into a wooly cow”
    • Cacow Milk (Happy Dale Farms)
    • Cacow Ribs (Happy Dale Farms)
  • Cystypig
    • Boarst
      • Boarst Wurst (C&P) – apparently “encased in skin”. Note: actual sausages and wursts generally use casings made from intestines, if natural, or some other type of artificial casing material
      • Boarst Pockets (C&P)
      • Boarst ’n Baked Beans (C&P)
    • Cystypig tumors – referenced in Cysty-Bits and loading screens (C&P)
      • Deep Fried Cysty-Bits – “The bits left over in the fryer after the cystypig tumors are cooked” (C&P)
      • Cysty Chops – “better than boarst” (C&P)
  • People
    • Anything you’re like to put in your mouth in the Mather household
    • Clive Lundbergh’s “Special” canned “Boarst”
  • Sprat Meat
    • Terra-Fried Spratwurst
    • Raw Sprat Meat – Not recommended. Always boil your sprats before ingesting. And be sure to start with the tail, a particular delicacy. — C. Higgins
    • Edgewater Cannery Saltuna – complete speculation on my part, given the bloody crates and sprat corpses that are piled up in front of Bess’ intake hopper.
  • Mealgrub – mentioned in description for Purpleberry Liqueur
  • Unknown
    • I Can’t Believe It’s Not Boarst (C&P) “Spreadable boarst substitute”, possibly vegan, but categorized as “Meat” in its effects listing
    • Soy? (See entry under “Vegetables”, below)
  • Non-Consumable Protein – These items are categorized in the game as “junk” (i.e., don’t appear in the consumable lists)
    • Canid Meat – likely poisonous if eaten raw.
    • Cystypig Hoof – “…usually ground up and fed to cystypigs and wooly cows to suppliment their diet. They are rich in protein and hoofy goodness.”
  • Sur-Fish – mentioned as a canned foodstuff in NPC background dialogue in Groundbreaker as a product of the Triangulum system (thanks to Kourumi on Tumblr for the tip!).


  • Bred Noodles (Spacer’s Choice)
  • Tripicale Pasta Pack – “collect all four of our fun new shaped noodles: Asteroid, Spaceship, Raptidon, and Cystypig” (Auntie Cleo)
  • Tarmac & Cheese “Not real tarmac. Or real cheese”. (Spacer’s Choice)


  • Nanners
    • Buncha Nanners
    • Nanner Spank (Rizzo)
  • Mock-Apple – possible source of citric acid
    • Mock Apple
    • Mock Apple Juice (C&P)
    • Mock Apple Cider (Rizzo)
    • Mo-Ap Fizzy Tea (Rizzo) (flavoring)
    • Mock Apple Shake (Happy Dale Farms)
  • Purpleberry
    • Purpleberry Munch (possibly a granola-type mix) (Rizzo) – referenced as “dried purpleberries”, so it’s possible that purpleberries might be actual berries as opposed to a purely artificial flavor
    • Purpleberry Crunch (breakfast cereal) (Rizzo)
    • Purpleberry Bunch (candy) (Rizzo)
    • Purpleberry Lunch (pre-packaged snack) (Rizzo)
    • Purpleberry Punch (drink) (Rizzo)
    • Purpleberry Fizzy Tea (Rizzo) – as flavoring
    • Purpleberry Wine (Rizzo)
    • Purpleberry Juice (Rizzo)
    • Purpleberry Liqueur (Rizzo)
    • Purpleberry Shake (Happy Dale Farms)
  • Lemon (implied, or possibly only favoring)
    • Lemon Slapp (Rizzo)
  • Unknown fruit – at least one additional fruit implied by descriptive text for Purpleberry Punch (“…containing purpleberry and up to 3 other fruits!”) unless Rizzo is lying, and also assuming that Purpleberry Punch does not contain nanner juice (can you juice a nanner?)


  • Dehydrated water – (sweetener unknown)
  • Caramel
    • Knock You Out Bar (Rizzo)
  • CCN76 cacao hybrid (as referenced in Cacow Milk description)
    • CCN76 Chocolate – may not be actual chocolate – in the description for Purpleberry Munch, it’s referred to as “chocolate” (with quotation marks)
      • Knock You Out Bar (Rizzo) (milk chocolate)
      • Purpleberry Munch (Rizzo) (chocolate chips)
      • Dark Matter Bar (Rizzo) (dark chocolate)
  • Chocolate
    • Doc Rocket’s Chocolasteroids (Doc Rocket?) – mentioned as a cargo shipment on the landing pad terminal in Fallbrook
  • White Chocolate
  • NearMaple – a sap
    • NearMaple Syrup (C&P)
  • Sugarcane – implied
    • Rum and Somethin’ (Rizzo)
  • Marzipan – a mixture of sucrose (honey, corn syrup, sugar) and almond meal. Also appearing in the game as “Erzatz Marzipan” (Rizzo) (Thanks to Purpleberrypunch for the tip for this detail!)
    • Erzatz Sweetheart Cakes (Rizzo) – note: whether or not marzipan (or its constituents, especially almonds) exists is not certain. The descriptive text for these cakes reads that the cake “tastes nearly like actual marzipan, according to a blind taste-taste by consumers who have never tasted marzipan.”


  • Spectrum potatoes
    • Frozen Dinner (Spacer’s Choice)
    • Spectrum Vodka (Rizzo) – note: it comes in “every color of the rainbow — plus black”
    • Chicken & Potatoes (C&P)


  • Pteroray Beak “Ground into a powder, boiled in water, then mixed with tobaccorn starch, pteroray beak becomes a food additive with a gelatinous consistency, often used as a binding agent for processed meats (such as nuggets, boarst, etc.)” – raising the horrifying possibility of Saltuna Aspic
  • Eggs – implied by presence of chickens


  • Beans, unknown variety
    • Boarst ’n Baked Beans (C&P)
  • Soy? (See entry under “Vegetables, below”)
  • Fungus/Algae

    • Lichen (as combination of mushrooms/fungus and algae)
      • Algae Lager (Rocky Mountain)
    • Mushrooms – mushrooms of an unknown and possibly medicinal/hallucinogenic in nature can be found in the Back Bays in Groundbreaker but can’t be looted
      • Algae Lager (Rocky Mountain)
      • Terra One Dustback Casserole (quest item, “Don’t Bite the Sun”)
      • Edgewater Cannery Saltuna (along with sawdust)
      • Xenogold Needle Mushrooms – “This particular species of mushrooms has been genetically tweaked for maximum tastiness. Or something.” (Thanks to Purpleberrypunch for the tip!)
        • Terra One Dustback Casserole (quest item, “Don’t Bite the Sun”)


    • P-free nuts — possible allusion to peanuts
      • Knock You Out Bar (Rizzo)
      • Purpleberry Munch (Rizzo)
    • Almonds – Note! See entry for “Marzipan” under Sweeteners


  • Tripicale. Can be flaked. Note: Triticale (with a “t”) is a hybrid between wheat (Triticum) and Rye (Sacale). It’s possible that Tripicale incorporates a third hybrid component (perhaps “tripi” refers to “triple”). There are a variety of candidates under the list of cereal grains over at Wikipedia for any authors who’d like to speculate. Whatever this version is, it has leaves which are used in the brewing of tea.
    • Tripicale Pasta Pack (Auntie Cleo)
    • Purpleberry Crunch (Rizzo)
    • Purpleberry Munch (Rizzo)
    • Purpleberry Fizzy Tea (Rizzo)
    • Trip-Teaz (Spacer’s Choice) – brewed using “Tripicale leaves”
    • Mo-Ap Fizzy Tea (Rizzo)
    • Iceberg Aged Whiskey (Glacial Age)
    • Tripistout (Glacial Age)
  • Tobaccorn – the name implies some splicing of corn (maize) and tobacco. This could indicate that tobaccorn contains nicotine, or the splicing of some other quality of tobacco, such hardiness, pest/disease resistance).
    • Bag of Tobaccorn Ears (Auntie Cleo) – “Roast ‘em, pop ‘em or eat them raw”
  • Hexticale – described by Carter Reynolds (in the greenhouse in the Purpleberry Orchards on Eridanos) as an attempt of his at “…breeding native tripicale with a foreign strain.” He goes on to explain that “…it bred so fast workers were swallowed up before they could harvest it” which a) sounds like he was playing around with kudzu and b) begs the question: if it was that aggressive, has it taken over some section of one of the planets in the colony? (Thanks to @kourumi on Tumblr for the tip.)
  • Vegetables/Fruits classed as vegetables

    • Tomatoes – implied, or possibly the flavor is known
      • Catch-up (Auntie Cleo)
    • Wax Gourds – implied by the existence of “Wax Gourd Preserves” (see below).
      • Wax Gourd Preserves (C&P) – “lightly sweetened”. (Thanks to Purpleberrypunch for the tip!)
        • Erzatz Sweetheart Cakes (Rizzo) — see also “Marzipan”.
    • Cabbage – (hat tip to @kourumi in Tumblr for the screenshot) Tucked away in a single crate towards the back of the Auxiliary Maintenance Bay in Groundbreaker next to a datapad that suggests that this is the “weekly shipment” for the “local idiots”. They remind me of the cabbages in Skyrim: could they be an easter egg reference? CABBAGES FOR EVERYONE!
    • Hydro-kale – mentioned in dialogue with Reed Tobson if you ask him whether anyone in Edgewater eats vegetables.
    • Unknown (Soy variety?) – Trays of a leafy plant growing in what appears to be either water or some other gelatinous matrix are in both locations, although I haven’t been able to figure out what they are (if you know, please let me know — @Jackalgirl on Twitter & Tumblr — and I’ll add it here).
    • Note: Adelaide McDermott in Emerald Vale and Dr. Marion Blakeslee (hydroponic gardens in the Auxiliary Maintenance Bay of Groundbreaker) have been exploring ways to grow vegetables. Unfortunately, no raw vegetables are available as lootable items as of this writing.

    Seasonings & Condiments

      Note that none of these seasonings are discoverable on their own, and as such their actual existence is yet to be verified in-game. They are referenced in the descriptive texts of food or pop up in dialogue.
    • Synthamon – paired with Mock-Apple as a scent in the Mock-Apple and Synthamon Beauty Basket (quest item, “Don’t Bite the Sun”).
    • Near-mint (more research needed)
    • Spearmint – Reed Tobson mentions this as a flavoring for saltuna (“Ever since Adelaide left, we have been reduced to selling unflavored and spearmint.”)
    • “Herbs & Spices”
      • Catch-Up (Auntie Cleo) – “…a secret blend of 37 herbs and spices”
      • Boarst Wurst (C&P) – “ground and spiced boarst”
      • Terra-Fried Spratwurst (Spacer’s Choice) – “…uses the finest herbs and spices”
    • Double Mustard — recommended as an accompaniment to Terra-Fried Spratwurst.
    • Atmospheric Contaminants (Tartarus)
      • Tartarus Sauce (Spacer’s Choice). Note: recommended for Fish Stix.

    Pre-made food, ingredients unknown

    • Pre-Sliced Bred (Spacer’s Choice)
    • Pancake Mix (C&P) – “No mixing required. Seriously, don’t mix it.”

    Other compounds

    • Alcohol
      • Algae Lager (Rocky Mountain)
      • Purpleberry Wine (Rizzo)
      • Purpleberry Liqueur (Rizzo)
      • Mock Apple Cider (Rizzo)
      • Iceberg Aged Whiskey (Glacial Age)
      • Tripistout (Glacial Age)
      • Spectrum Vodka (Rizzo) – reminder: there’s a Spectrum Black on there somewhere!
      • Zero Gee Brew (Spacer’s Choice)
      • Rum and Somethin’ (Rizzo)
      • Tripistout (Glacial Age)
      • Miners’ Tears – mentioned in a Salvager’s background conversation in Groundbreaker. From Hephaestus. Whatever it is, if it’s been aged six months, it’s considered “the good stuff” (thanks to Kourumi on Tumblr for the info).
    • Caffeine
      • 2-Hour Energy Brew (Spacer’s Choice)
      • Purpleberry Fizzy Tea (Rizzo)
      • Mo-Ap Fizzy Tea (Rizzo)
      • Trip-Teaz (Spacer’s Choice)
      • Nanner Spank (Rizo)
      • Gigantaur Energy Drink (Rizzo)
      • Glacier Water (Glacial Age)
      • Purpleberry Shake (Happy Dale Farms)
    • Tannic acid – implied
      • Purpleberry Wine (“a tannic purpleberry rose”)
    • Miscellany
      • Hotel Ice – At least one hotel/resort in Halcyon has an ice-making machine, similar to the ones found in most hotels in the United States in our time: it’s in the vending area of the VIP floor of the Grand Colonial (right next to the Rizzo’s snack machine and the C&P ammo vendor because, you know, nothing could possibly go wrong if you had an ammo vendor on a floor that’s mostly taken up by a tossball team. Knowing the colony, though, the ice probably contains sugar and/or caffeine. (Thanks to @purpleberrypunch on Tumblr for the tip!)

    Note: all consumable drinks not listed under “Caffeine” or “Alcohol” are sugary-based drinks, even the water. I speculate the tobaccorn syrup is in everything, just as corn syrup is in just about everything in our own world (in the U.S., that is).