Announcing Circuits in the Unreliable

In naval ships, there are typically announcing circuits. They’re loudspeakers that broadcast in particular areas, which allow you to make, say, announcements to the engineers about engineering events or equipment or whatnot, without having that announcement go through the entire ship. Of course, there is always the “1MC” (master circuit) that goes throughout the whole ship.

Here is my headcannon list of announcing circuits in Unreliable. (Which I needed for my fic.)

 1MC – shipwide
 18MC – navigation room local
 JA – Captain’s Quarters
 54MC – all crew
  X3JZ — SAM
  X4JZ— Felix
  4JZ — Parvati
  X5JZ — Ellie
  X6JZ — Max
  X7JZ — Nyoka
  JS – Galley
  26MC – Engine room
  39MC – Cargo room
  75MC – Head