OSI Procreate Brushes

I have been meaning to upload these for something like six months now. Something always interrupts my train of thought, and for that I’m super sorry. Finally, though, I’m happy to provide two (2) brushes for Procreate: one is the OSI logo on corduroy (such as seen embroidered or printed or whatever the process is on Vicar Max’s cassock) and the other is the pattern that’s seen both on the cassock’s inner lining (in blue) and on the cassock’s golden neck tabs.

Note that these are both super rough and dirty — they’ll do at a distance. I have done some versions in Adobe Illustrator but those aren’t ready for prime time yet (and at this rate, I don’t want to make any promises). At any rate, if you can use these .brush files and want to use them, go for it — Creative Commons 4.0 licensing applies (in other words, please credit me if you make use of them, including if you make mods of them, and under no circumstances do I authorize these brushes for sale).